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Business Areas

Automation and Central Management Solution for AV Facilities

The network-based solution provides a variety of customized services for integrated monitoring and control of video, sound, lighting, awning, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment using only smartphones, smart pads, touch panels, and PCs. With its simplicity, efficiency, practicality, and expandability as a bidirectional communication-based integrated automation solution, it can realize unmanned operation, system life extension, optimization of user operation environment, minimization of cases of malfunction, fault recovery cost saving, and optimization of maintenance, which can all be managed under one central system.

Automation and Management Solution for Conference Room Facilities

The network-based conference room equipment automation and management solution may be used in the link with the conference room reservation system. This allows the setting and execution of each function of starting and ending the conference, data sharing, etc., with just one button using a smartPad. It is also highly efficient when used for system management and operation, such as conference room monitoring, batch control, and schedule control, by integrated management through the Web.

Automation and Management Solution for Lecture Room Facilities

This solution has full control over the equipment in the lecture room. It sets and controls the lecture system such as the start and end of a lecture in the way preferred by the administrator or lecturer using macro function. Such control is possible, even without a separate PC or a smartPad, in the link with a UTAS touch panel. Using the integrated management program, you may establish remote monitoring and a management system that enables the administrator to gain control, and check the condition of all lecture rooms even from remote locations.

Automation and Management Solution for Unmanned Office

This high-tech solution does not require the presence of a person in charge for each office and has an energy-saving effect as it sets up all the equipment to be used for work when a person enters the area it is installed in. It also cuts the power supply when the solution detects no movement for more than a certain period of time using motion detectors. Because of its diverse functions, such as how it allows unmanned automation management in the link with a system that enables the administrator to manage and monitor the relevant office and installed sensors, it is already used in many smart work centers and other kinds of work areas. 

Automation and Management Solution for Cooling & Heating Facilities

As the solution enables the administrator to control and monitor cooling and heating equipment, even from a remote location, only with use of a multiextender, the system can be used for the efficient operation and management of such equipment. It is also equipped with a built-in AC high-power monitoring function that can detect the input and output power current of cooling and heating equipment. Furthermore, the solution enables the user to control cooling and heating equipment to ensure that it is in the optimum condition as desired by the user in the link with motion detectors and temperature and humidity sensors.

Smart Home Solution

The solution realizes a smart and convenient residential environment by full control over the TV, audio equipment, air conditioner, heating appliances, awning, lighting equipment, etc., with the customized integrated control solution that is most appropriate for the relevant user environment. You may customize a mode following the one-touch operation using different scenario mode setting functions such as “get up,” “sleep,” “go out,” “watch a movie,” etc. You can also monitor and control the items in your home even from a remote location.

The solution may control cooling and heating equipment using temperature and humidity sensors and may be used for crime prevention efforts using its motion detectors.

Smart Building Solution

It is an integrated operation system for the user-customized operation of multipurpose facilities where all the equipment installed inside a building interwork through subminiature wireless communication equipment for loT (Internet of Things) and the Web. By integrating or installing a lightweight embedded Web server in the building’s equipment and integrating it into a network by IP-based wireless communication, information about the equipment can be monitored on the Web. This advanced system enables you to save on costs incurred in building operation and electricity by combining the information collected from the equipment and providing users with optimum performance. It can be used in both new and existing buildings.


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