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[Classroom] Ulsan Audience Media Center Lecture Room Integrated Control Case

The video and electric equipments in 4 class rooms of the audience room, the middle classroom, the media education room, and the media education room in the audience media center located in Ulsan were constructed using the 7-inch touch panel of U-taus to implement AV automation design and integrated control.

In Ulsan Media Center, there are various courses such as video production foundation, video production academy, photo shooting basics, and senior media education. In order to use it more conveniently, users and operators of the lecture room can remotely control screens, projectors. Preset macros can be operated up / down and on / off with one touch by using Preset buttons.

The professional team of Yutas specializes in multi-purpose conference room, multi-purpose meeting room, lecture room, training room, banquet room, etc. through customized UI programming of multiple interface (RS232, Relay) protocol using 7 inch touch panel for customized AV automation and integrated control system based on operating scenarios The system has been constructed to enable convenient and efficient operation of video, sound, lighting and electric equipment.






Install Case

Install Case

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