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The solution realizes a smart and convenient residential environment by full control over the TV, audio equipment, air conditioner, heating appliances, awning, lighting equipment, etc., with the customized integrated control solution that is most appropriate for the relevant user environment
You may customize a mode following the one-touch operation using different scenario mode setting functions such as “get up,” “sleep,” “go out,” “watch a movie,” etc. It can provide a convenient and pleasant home entertainment environment for users, offering a perfect home AV system integration and automation by linking with all AV equipment, lightings, curtains, etc.
Using a Wi-Fi - based AV equipment integrated automation system,
you can monitor and control the condition inside the house with a smartPad or a
smartphone even from a remote location.
The user may directly control video, sound, lights, and cooling and heating appliances in rooms, even in hotels or resorts, and an administrator can carry out integrated monitoring and control of all guest rooms in one central control room through a network system.

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