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Corporate Enterprise

The solution allows you to individually control screens, projectors, AV equipment and lightings, curtains, etc., in conference rooms, auditoriums, and offices of companies. Control of the system can also be customized by one-touch operation in the way preferred by the user as it is available with customized programming for different situations and uses such as for presentations, conferences, discussions, video mode, etc. Complex video conference systems can also be controlled by one-touch operation, and with the use of the solution, the most effective video conference system can be realized given its speaker positioning system.

Because the monitoring and integrated automation of lighting, awning, sound, and HVAC equipment is done by remote control, the total power supply management allows huge cost-saving effects.

Companies like insurance companies and new agencies that are operating in-house broadcasting systems may use the solution for an in-house broadcasting integrated operation system that can manage individual, group, and batch control, schedule control, and monitoring of TVs and STBs in nationwide branch offices with an integrated operation PC in a central control room. An in-house network system can be simply established without the need to carry out separate cabling work. Because there is no need to assign an administrator to each branch office, users can have huge savings on system establishment cost and management cost

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